Care Instructions

Bamboo is a natural plant fibre like Cotton and Linen

                                                                                       - WASHING -

Unless heavily soiled, use cold water, good quality detergent and a gentle wash cycle when regularly machine washing to help the Bamboo fabric maintain its suppleness 

*We recommend our Twilight blankets are hand wash only

Do not wash our products with items that include buttons, zippers, velcro etc to prevent pulls and pilling 

For heavy soil select warm water temperature and allow to pre soak for at least 15 minutes before washing to remove excess soil

* Never use hot water as this may cause the bamboo to shrink and loose softness 

* Bamboo fabrics can be weakened by chlorine bleach , if necessary only use a oxygen - based bleach soak 

                                                                                       - DRYING -

We recommend air drying on an indoor rack or outdoor line

* All Hand dyed products must be dried out of direct sunlight to prevent fading 

If necessary use Dryer on delicate/low heat only and remove while still slightly damp. High temperatures can shrink and dull the softness of Bamboo

                                                                                      - IRONING -

Keep Iron on a low heat, again high temperatures will dull and possibly scorch Bamboo fibres