About Us

From a love of all things linen and being very conscious of my footprint upon the earth Little Sprig was born.

After having my daughter I found my linen obsession moved onto swaddling blankets, I am never without one (or three) and have found their uses are endless. One of my other beliefs is in protecting our mother earth for generations to come, by sourcing Bamboo blend Muslin we are helping promote sustainable growth practices and reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides in our environment 

I have been lucky to have traveled to many countries and cultures and there is one thing that is always true, whether you are a mother in a first world city or in a third world market place we are the same, we all want the best for our children so lets help protect their future

I know you will find your Little Sprig blankets a favourite in your nursery as I have in mine

Joleen Xx